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The Signature Style Wardrobe Manager

A Notion template to organize your closet 

so you can feel more confident and stylish.


What Others Say:

I have the habit of buying too many clothes and still have nothing to wear. I wanted to get my closet organized after moving and the wardrobe manager exceeded my expectations! 

Emma C. - Blogger

I'm really not the most organized person, so getting my clients organized was overwhelming. The Signature Style Wardrobe Manager makes my job so much easier. 

Azirah K. - Stylist

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A Note from the Founder

A Note from Arryana Tate, Founder of Luxe Girl Diaries

I'm Arryana–model, image consultant, and founder of Luxe Girl Diaries. I believe that it is important to refine your image in order to achieve success in life–both mentally and physically. My goal as an image consultant is to help people learn how they can improve their lifestyle, mindset, and physical appearance with small changes every day so that they feel more confident!

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