About Luxe Girl Diaries

At Luxe Girl Diaries, we are seekers of fulfillment and curators of the story. We encourage women to refine their lifestyle with exceptional passion, personal style, and elegance– guided by the values to make wise choices and live their purpose.


Create opportunities for women globally to have a positive personal image.


The mission of Luxe Girl Diaries is simply put: help women look and feel their best by providing holistic transformation products and services.

Our Story

Luxe Girl Diaries began in the kitchen of founder Arryana Tate's grandparents home in 2019. It was officially launched during the summer of 2019.

Today, Luxe Girl Diaries continues to offer a fresh, feminine perspective on personal growth by empowering women to embrace their unique style and magnetism to achieve their desires. We mix inspiration, comprehensive advice, and real life stories to nourish, connect, and uplift.

Meet the Founder

Arryana Tate | Founder of Luxe Girl Diaries

Arryana Tate is the brains behind Luxe Girl Diaries and has a natural gift for helping others. She was born and raised in California, until relocating to Phoenix, Arizona and graduating with a Bachelor's of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication  at Arizona State University.

She is a model, author, and image consultant who specializes in working with individuals to find their unique magnetism through fashion and lifestyle choices that boost confidence. Her passion lies in the empowerment of women to reach their highest potential which she shares through Luxe Girl Diaries articles on topics such as self-care, style, and more.

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