The Message

Luxe Girl Diaries empowers women to refine their life through their style, grace, and elegant authenticity.

At Luxe Girl Diaries, we are seekers of fulfillment and the alchemists of the story. We encourage women to elevate their lifestyle by curating a life of exceptional passion, personal style, and elegance —guided by the values to make wise choices and live your purpose.

With an emphasis on personal growth, Luxe Girl Diaries enthuses, speaking to each aspect of a woman's life—the physical, the intellectual, and the emotional—delivering the "alchemize your life" message through mindful, transformative content and comprehensive advice.

About the Founder

A Note from Arryana Tate, Founder of Luxe Girl Diaries

Hello, Luxe Girl. I'm Arryanaan image consultant and lifestyle strategist. I empower women to reach their highest potential through style and mindset.

Coming from a small city in Southern California, I realized that the friends, boys, and overall treatment in life that I was dealing with were because it was the energy I became accustomed to accepting.

When I arrived at college, I had a huge epiphany and began to restructure myself on a holistic level. I took a vow to get accustomed to a new, better way of life, and thus Luxe Girl Diaries was born.

My Affirmation

"I have all the tools to prosper." A part of your journey is discovering that everything you need is already within. I'm just here to guide you! Here's to a wonderful journey.

With love,


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