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Our Mission

Luxe Girl Diaries empowers exceptional women to live out their fullest potential.

About US

The Message

At Luxe Girl Diaries, we are seekers of fulfillment and the alchemists of the story. We encourage confident women to live through holistic luxe – to curate a life of exceptional passion, personal style, and elegance – guided by the values to make wise choices and live your purpose. With an emphasis on personal growth, Luxe Girl Diaries enthuses, speaking to each aspect of a woman’s life—the physical, the intellectual, and the emotional—delivering the “Alchemize Your Life” message through mindful, transformative content and comprehensive advice.


Luxe Girl Declaration

“Some women will choose the path of exceptional beings who live fulfilling lives. Other women will watch and wish that they were bold enough to create such a coveted experience for themselves. No woman, however, is born without a choice and a purpose to seek.”

Our core values


Hello, I’m Arryana.

I am an image consultant and self-proclaimed alchemist helping women tap into their highest potential.

Throughout my life, I have always questioned the norm and proved to be an incredibly passionate and creative little girl. My interests were all over the place! I was extremely comfortable in the utopia of my mind and active imagination.

While in college, I had a huge epiphany. Coming from a small city in Southern California, I realized that the friends, boys, and overall treatment from my life that I had been dealing with was because it was all that I knew. So, I began the journey of leveling up my lifestyle, going after what I wanted (and not what others wanted), and tapped into a powerful, passionate side of myself. I finally took charge and became the alchemist of my life.

Thus, Luxe Girl Diaries was born…

Throughout my career, I have been a professional model, published author, competed for Miss Arizona in USA National Miss, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism & Mass Communication at Arizona State University.

A philosophy that I live by and have tried to ingrain in this blog is that you should live as though you are already where you desire to be. If you want something in life, you have to make the mindset shift in order to go and get it. 

Beyond my personal development interests, I love anything to do with fashion & style, and wellness.

If you have any business inquiries, questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me

E-mail: hello@luxegirldiaries.com


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