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The Americana archetype is governed by the Natural Lifestyle Type, which also governs the Minx archetype. Her image balances the serene girl-next-door.

Joy Bryant as the Americana
Pictured: Joy Bryant

The Americana's Magnetic Power

You are carefree and breezy. Your style has a comfortable, no-fuss, and age-appropriate appeal. People view you as fun, nurturing, approachable, and authentic at your core. When you dress, you gravitate toward more effortless styles with a relaxed fit while maintaining your feminine silhouette. Your preference lies in a comfortable heel or boot––stilettos absolutely won't do simply because, much like your personality, your vibe is laid-back and free of attitude. Your natural beauty requires minor enhancement, and too much glam only overpowers it, so you don't require a lot to feel confident. People are dazzled by your vibrant and amiable personality, making it easy for you to befriend most.

You are full of fertility in all aspects of your life and love to care for everyone around you. Ultimately, you are happiest when you are helping others. You are a pillar of ethics, sustainability, and sincerity. When you're fully utilizing the power of this archetype, you attract a lifestyle of a humanitarian.

The Americana archetype for women uses her ability to create and sustain and her resourceful nature to excel in family, business, and child-rearing. She often makes a living by making the world a better place or going down the path of personal fulfillment.

Jessica Alba as the Americana
Pictured: Jessica Alba
Jennifer Aniston as the Americana
Pictured: Jennifer Aniston

The Shadow Side of the Americana

Sustainability is your superpower, but there is a shadow to this archetype.

Sustainability is your ideal because you perfectly understand how to create and nurture anything to blossom into a beautiful manifestation. Jayne Kennedy was an actress, model, sportscaster, and quintessential girl-next-door. In 1970 she became the first African-American woman to be crowned Miss Ohio. She went on to become one of the ten finalists for Miss USA.

The shadow side of this archetype is when you start to give more than you receive and develop codependencies. If you haven't mastered the art of leveraging your Americana energy, you may wind up losing yourself or become highly drained.

Gabrielle Union as the Americana
Pictured: Gabrielle Union
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