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Are you ready to manifest the life you desire, stop settling, and be the woman of your dreams? A genuinely magnetic woman is the creator of her life, recognizes the power within her subconscious mind, and is a master at attracting the best into her reality. It's time to unlock the magnetic woman within. 

The Meaning of Being a Magnetic Woman

The Meaning of Being a Magnetic Woman

A Magnetic Woman is a powerful manifestor or alchemist. In agreement with Joseph Murray‘s The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, there is a treasure house within us all. Our subconscious mind is the bed of our creativity and emotional state. The way we frame our daily thoughts is essential, so whether we are consciously aware of it or not, the ideas and beliefs we formulate in our minds start to become our reality. 

For example, when a Magnetic Woman has the idea in her mind that she can afford to buy the car of her dreams, she naturally creates positive beliefs around her ability to do so. Subsequently, she becomes aligned with the actions that she sets forth to put herself in the position to purchase this car, allowing it to come to fruition.

The Magnetic Woman taps into her power and transmutes energy her feminine energy, positively manifests with ease, operates from a high frequency, and possesses an abundance mindset.

What Does it Mean to be a De-magnetized Woman?

On the other end, a De-magnetized Woman repels desirable situations, people, and opportunities. Although everyone can manifest, the De-magnetic Woman manifests negatively, which causes her to reside in a low frequency. De-magnetized Women tend to take on several undesirable traits. Some of these traits include being constantly argumentative, jealous, or drained with no time to replenish.

In contrast to de-magnetized women, a Magnetic Woman chooses her battles wisely, understands that there is more than enough positivity to go around, and takes the time to nourish her mind, body, and spirit. When you practice magnetic habits every day, you're honing the power of your subconscious mind and being the alchemist of your life.

“The treasure house is within you. Look within for the answers to your heart's desire.”

— Joseph Murray, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind: Unlock Your Master Key to Success.

The Importance of Being a Magnetic Woman

The Importance of Being a Magnetic Woman

Personal magnetism is a vital art for helping us be the creators of our experience. Theron Q. Dumont, the author of The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism, explains that everyone emanates a degree of personal magnetism and creates their atmosphere. Beyond manifestation, being a Magnetic Woman means that we are curating a beneficial, thriving, and loving environment for ourselves, first and foremost. 

This high-vibrational magnetism creates the conditions for ideal people, opportunities, and circumstances to enter our lives because they are reaching us at a high frequency. As we focus on giving and receiving in alignment with what's beneficial for everyone involved, we won't stray into paths that lead us into things that don't serve us. 

“The fact is that everyone generates a certain degree of personal magnetism, which affects the minds of other people coming into its sphere of influence.”

— Theron Q. Dumont, The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism.

12 Tips for Being a Magnetic Woman

1. Tap into Your Yin Energy

12 Tips for Being a Magnetic Woman - Yin Energy

As explained in-depth in A Luxe Girl's Guide to Channeling Feminine Energy, tapping into your yin frequency puts you at the receiving vibration. Your yin frequency is where you harness the most power of your subconscious mind, so using it wisely is a perfect way to be a Magnetic Woman.

2. Create Feminine Rituals

12 Tips for Being a Magnetic Woman - Feminine Rituals

Feminine rituals are systems in which we operate within our daily lives. Creating feminine rituals is the perfect way to set the tone for a positively magnetic life.  As humans, we're sensitive to our environment and should be careful to craft wholesome experiences for ourselves. 

3. Take Care of Yourself

12 Tips for Being a Magnetic Woman - Take Care of Yourself

Practicing essential self-care techniques is a method for adopting the characteristics of a Magnetic Woman because it brings out our happiest, brightest, and most energetic side. Self-care goes far beyond pampering, so make sure you're appropriately engaging in the proper routines.

4. Learn to Transmute Your Energy

12 Tips for Being a Magnetic Woman - Transmute Your Energy

According to the Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy, energy exists in everything and is constantly moving, continually working to become something physical. Learning to transmute your energy and the energy around you is focusing on positive abundance and expansion.

For example, sexual transmutation of power is a prevalent practice. You are taking the sexual energy that has built up and channeling it into a non-sexual endeavor. 

5. Refine Your Life

12 Tips for Being a Magnetic Woman - Refine Your Life

Taking inventory and living a refined life is intentional living. You are actively choosing what brings you joy and enjoying life in a high-quality state. 

For example, suppose you're embarking on a fitness journey. Instead of doing random exercises to slim down, you're thoughtfully setting intentional goals, meal planning for your needs, doing specific activities to target the proper muscles, and developing effective routines to get to your ideal healthy self.

6. Vibrate Higher

12 Tips for Being a Magnetic Woman - Vibrate Higher

Raising your vibration to become a positively Magnetic Woman places you in the frequency that gives you the best possible outcome for your desires. It requires self-discipline, intuitive guidance, and knowledge of your shadow self.

7. Breath Work

12 Tips for Being a Magnetic Woman - Breath Work

Breath work is an excellent approach for channeling your magnetism because the way we breathe connects to our nervous system, thus influencing how we experience anxious behaviors, happiness, and other emotions. The diagram above shows the difference between breathing while happy, sad, and angry.

8. Repeat Positive Affirmations

Magnetic Woman Tips - Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are my favorite tool for staying in the flow of my most magnetic self because they help with positively reframing the mind. Our inner self-talk is vital to our well-being. However, it takes more than an affirmative statement and wishes to activate the power of affirmations for the Magnetic Woman.

9. Practice Gratitude

12 Tips for Being a Magnetic Woman - Practice Gratitude

As a Magnetic Woman, you always show gratitude for your experiences and have confidence that your life is constantly expanding. Showing gratitude is displayed by giving back, being present, and acting without expectation for reward.

10. Protect Your Beauty

12 Tips for Being a Magnetic Woman - Protect Your Beauty

Undoubtedly, our inner and outer beauty are essential components for how magnetic we are and should be protected. It's no secret that people love pretty people and energy, feeding off of this vibration at all times. 

Protecting your beauty means that you don't let the world harden your personality or physical form. You actively nurture internal and external aspects of yourself to be appealing to yourself and others while protecting the sacred parts to avoid exploitation. 

11. Live in Abundance

12 Tips for Being a Magnetic Woman - Live in Abundance

Living in abundance is the state of simply knowing that there's plenty of prosperity, wealth, and success to go around. As a Magnetic Woman, you understand that being happy for others is necessary because it could be you experiencing the same degree of positivity soon, too. 

12. Have Healthy Boundaries

12 Tips for Being a Magnetic Woman - Healthy Boundaries

Healthy boundaries keep you from falling into the habits of a De-magnetic Woman. Having appropriate personal boundaries is setting guidelines for each area of our lives, showing up, our capacity to show up, what we expect to receive, respecting others' boundaries, and how we communicate said boundaries with those we encounter. 

“As a Magnetic Woman, you always show gratitude for your experiences and have confidence that your life is constantly expanding.”

— Arryana Tate

Signs You Are De-Magnetizing Yourself as a Woman

Signs You Are De-Magnetizing Yourself as a Woman

As explained previously, everyone has the potential to be a Magnetic Woman. However, a De-magnetic Woman repels the good and attracts the bad because she constantly reinforces undesirable aspects of her life. Avoid sure signs of the De-magnetic Woman because they communicate that you aren't operating at a high frequency.

12 Tips for Being a Magnetic Woman – What to Avoid

1. Lack of Passion

12 Tips for Being a Magnetic Woman - What to Avoid - Lack of Passion

Having no passion or direction is something to avoid when trying to touch your inner Magnetic Woman. It's much like the saying, “if you don't stand for something, then you'll fall for anything.” This trait shows a weak character personality and a lack of conviction to your beliefs, which is not ideal.

2. Negative Self-Talk

12 Tips for Being a Magnetic Woman - What to Avoid - Negative Self Talk

Negative self-talk is the quickest way to de-magnetize yourself as a woman. Not only is it damaging to your self-esteem, but you begin to create a reality that supports these negative beliefs. The saying “words are spells” rings true, and our inner thoughts are the ingredients.

3. Inability to Detach

12 Tips for Being a Magnetic Woman - What to Avoid - Inability to Detach

Detachment is a crucial step toward manifestation and being a Magnetic Woman. As stated eloquently by Deepak Chopra's The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, the Law of Detachment is our willingness to step into the unknown and surrender to the creative mind. An inability to detach stems from the fear of an undesirable outcome, which eventually becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

4. Wasting Your Energy

12 Tips for Being a Magnetic Woman - What to Avoid - Wasting Your Energy

Devaluing your energy toward habits, activities, and routines that don't serve you is the fastest way to become de-magnetic. Your life force deserves deliberate efforts and preservation for what suits your highest good––and the highest good of those around you.

5. Not Honoring Your Beauty

12 Tips for Being a Magnetic Woman - What to Avoid - Not Honoring Your Beauty

A big mistake that I observe women making that is making them de-magnetized is not protecting and honoring their beauty and glamour—this notion journeys beyond makeup, photo filters, and enhancements, which are all fine in moderation. By practicing glamour, you discover ways to preserve your beauty in its purest form while protecting it from those who cannot honor it, too.

6. Unapproachable Body Language

12 Tips for Being a Magnetic Woman - What to Avoid - Unapproachable Body Language

Being unapproachable in your body language is not endearing or mysterious. How can you attract what serves you in life if you look like you don't want to be bothered? The Magnetic Woman is engaging and confident in her own way. Being approachable is not about being the life of the party but more about how comfortable you are in your skin. Practicing body language that helps you be and feel more confident is key.

7. Not Cultivating Feminine Rituals

12 Tips for Being a Magnetic Woman - What to Avoid - Feminine Rituals

A feminine ritual is a way we can connect with ourselves under the umbrella of essential self-careWhen we neglect connection, we forego intention, thus throwing away our enthusiasm for nourishing ourselves. 

8. Imbalanced and Overactive Chakras

12 Tips for Being a Magnetic Woman - What to Avoid - Unbalanced Chakras

The chakra system consists of seven chakras, which are energetic power sources that manage our bodies. They help create alignment with ourselves and the world around us, so keeping them imbalanced or overactive can create a de-magnetic experience.

9. Not Believing in Yourself

12 Tips for Being a Magnetic Woman - What to Avoid - Not believing in yourself

Every manifestation begins with a belief, so if we cannot honestly believe in the manifestation's possibility, it will cease to exist in a positive light. Regardless of what others think, it all starts with you and your ability to show up for yourself.

10. Trying to Be Something You Aren't

A Luxe Girl's Guide to Becoming a Magnetic Woman

When we avoid staying true to who we are, we're neglecting authentic self-love, confidence, and any shadow work that absolves repressed emotions. By minimizing who you are, it's sending the message that you don't believe you deserve remarkable things while in your rawest form. There is no better person to be than the best version of yourself. You have this life to live, and the best option is to live it as authentically as possible.

11. Not Trusting Your Intuition

12 Tips for Being a Magnetic Woman - What to Avoid - Not trusting your intuition

Your intuition is the bedrock for powerful discernment, so not trusting it will repel you from being a genuinely Magnetic Woman. Many of the answers you seek are already with you, so go within by tapping into your intuition and honing it with daily practice.

12. Unhealthy Boundaries

12 Tips for Being a Magnetic Woman - What to Avoid - Unhealthy Boundaries

Unhealthy boundaries are either rigid or porous, as depicted in this chart by UC Berkeley. Rigid boundaries are far too tight to allow any sense of connection and stem from a fear of vulnerability or putting yourself out there. Porous boundaries are far too open and make you susceptible to people who want to take advantage of your light, as well as overextending your energy. 

“A De-magnetic Woman repels the good and attracts the bad because she constantly reinforces undesirable aspects of her life.”


Concluding Thoughts

By practicing the ways of the Magnetic Woman, you will become a master at mastering your energy, manifesting positive abundance, and residing in a higher frequency. It is best to avoid the methods that De-Magnetic Women fall into so you don't repel the holistic wealth you deserve, although it's never too late to turn it around.

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