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Habits of a High Value Woman

The Habits of a High Value Woman

What are the habits of a high value woman? Learn the truth about what it means to be a woman of high value and it’s not what you’ve been taught.

Equestrian Fashion and Style

A Guide to Equestrian Fashion

Equestrian fashion and style is a hallmark of affluence. It is classic, beautiful, preppy, and functional, serving as a personification for a refined lifestyle. If you are drawn to the

Arryana Tate, founder of Luxe Girl Diaries

Hello, I’m Arryana Tate A.K.A. Arryana Luxe, founder of Luxe Girl Diaries. At Luxe Girl Diaries, we are seekers of fulfillment and the alchemists of the story. We encourage confident women to live through holistic luxe – to curate a life of exceptional passion, personal style, and elegance – guided by the values to make wise choices and live their purpose. 


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