A Guide to Equestrian Fashion

Equestrian Fashion and Style

Equestrian fashion and style is a hallmark of affluence. It is classic, beautiful, preppy, and functional, serving as a personification for a refined lifestyle.

If you are drawn to the equestrian style, you probably identify with the Polished Prep archetype, which embodies a timeless nature.

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In this post, I will break down the equestrian lifestyle, equestrian style influencers, and fashion brands for this look. Additionally, you can learn how to style it with a capsule wardrobe and incorporate equestrian fashion & style into your daily ensembles. 

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What is Equestrian Fashion?

Betty Draper of Mad Men, Season 2, sporting the equestrian style. 

Equestrian fashion is simply fashion perpetuated by mainstream equestrian culture. It is considered to be versatile enough for daily wear to equitation. It is such a classy style that I find it hard for most people to look bad in it. 

In fact, you probably already possess a blazer or riding boots that are equestrian-inspired. Fashion houses have made it into a notable trend per magazines such as Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar. However, equestrian style has a timeless flair that transcends any seasonal trend. Items that were worn decades are still relevant today!

Side note: I previously categorized the Polished Prep as a feminine lifestyle type, but the equestrian style is a large part of preppy culture. Consequently, I am reclassifying the Prep as a classic lifestyle type.

Lifestyle and Affluence

Generally, people who are often spotted frequently with the equestrian style are not doing it for the fashion sense. Equestrian fashion stems from a culture and lifestyle that is primarily rooted in affluence, due to it being an expensive hobby if you wish to own your own horse and take it seriously. 

The most popular cities in the United States for equestrian culture are Louisville, Kentucky (home of the world-famous Kentucky Derby), Wellington, Florida, and Woodside, California.

There are luxury riding holidays where equestrians travel to popular places such as Ireland, Spain, and Italy for English riding across the countryside. This is definitely a vacation I’d love to go on!

Equestrian Influencers

There are quite a few equestrian style influencers, but I will list my favorite. I think that these influencers and icons incorporate a particular elegance that is effortless and notable.

Grace Kelly

The Princess of Monaco often rode side saddle.

Jackie O.

Before Jackie Onassis was First Lady, she was still an icon in style.

Equestrian Style Fashion Brands

Bella Hadid for Porter Magazine

How to incorporate equestrian style into your look


Elements of Style

In order to incorporate the equestrian style into your wardrobe, you need to incorporate a few details.

The staples that are commonly found in equestrian style are breeches, herringbone tweed coats, riding boots, fitted blazers (elbow patches preferred), leather belts, gloves, and to substitute for helmets, a Brixton fisherman’s cap

You can substitute breeches for jeans and consider a slim-fit button up blouse in place of a jacket for daily wear. 



Herringbone Coats

How to Build an Equestrian Style Capsule Wardrobe

With the perfect capsule wardrobe formula and components to make it work, you can create a beautiful, classic outfit.

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