The Habits of a High Value Woman

Habits of a High Value Woman
What are the habits of a high value woman? Learn the truth about what it means to be a woman of high value and it's not what you've been taught.

The habits of a high value woman set her apart from the rest. She holds a magnetic and enticing feminine power that cannot be manufactured. Let’s. talk about what it takes to be a high value woman — it is most likely different than what you’ve been taught.

A high value woman and doesn't settle.
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What Is a High Value Woman?

Many of my readers ask me, “what does it mean to be a high value woman?” There are many definitions on the internet, but I have my own. A high value woman is someone who cultivates a full, purposeful life in which she is the alchemist. She carries herself with elegance, is self-actualized, and keeps her standards high.

High value woman are in control of their life and naturally attract high value situations and people. She operates from the best version of herself, yet, she is not above growing and learning in situations in which she is not familiar. 

Challenges presented for women of high value

Naturally, there are some challenges that arise when you are a high value woman. However, they can be overcome! The self-growth journey is a lifestyle that you are accepting for the long haul. Obstacles are inevitable, but how a woman deals with them is what sets apart high value women and the rest.

I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma.


  • Imposter syndrome
  • People imposing their limiting beliefs upon you
  • Limiting beliefs that you grew up with
  • People wanting you to lower your standards
  • Naysayers
  • Lost friendships and relationships as you first begin to level up
  • Pressure from society to fit the ideal of the “modern” woman

These difficulties, among others, are the main ones that can discourage women of high value from realizing their full potential. 

How to Overcome the challenges

In order to overcome these challenges, you must align your lifestyle with the traits that high value women possess. You can live an extraordinary life if you practice the life changing habits of a high value woman. The possibilities for your life, in all aspects, will be endless.

Habits and Traits of the high value woman

1. Confidence, not arrogance

It is important to cultivate true inner confidence as a high value woman. Highly confident women are compelling. However, women of high value are confident because they are prepared. Arrogant women think that they are above doing the work and end up in the low value category.

2. Knows her worth and doesn't settle for less

High value women know their worth and add tax, plus shipping and handling costs. Settling is not an option because they know they can achieve greater. She knows that she attracts wonderful opportunities and they are easy to come by. 

3. Passionate

Women who are passionate are alluring. High value women always have something that they are passionate about. This can be a hobby, travel, a business, or philanthropy. 

4. Fulfills her needs

When studying Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, you understand that physiological and security & safety needs are crucial. High value women do not wait for the opportunity for a man, or other party, to fulfill these needs. They are resourceful enough to fulfill their foundational needs so that they do not have to settle for undesirable situations in order to survive.

These women thrive. They do not just survive

Habits of a High Value Woman - Fulfill Your Needs

5. Invests in herself

A trait that many women of high caliber have is the ability to pour into themselves. High value women understand that you have to make strategic investments in order to see a high return. She pursues knowledge for the sake of Scholé, or “leisurely learning.” 

Similarly, high value women take care of themselves and make improvements to feel their best.

6. Implements Her Knowledge

There is one aspect of investing in yourself, but a true high value woman knows that knowledge is nothing without implementation. She puts her skills to work and sees results, or goes back to the drawing board to improve.

7. Uplifts other women and is not a jealous spirit

High value women do not put other women down. They do not act in the spirit of the mean girl. Instead, they understand that cultivating female friendships and relationships is in alignment with healthy femininity.

8. Pampering is a lifestyle

Treating “self-care” as a chore or something to check off your to-do list is not beneficial. In fact, pampering is something that is second nature to a high value woman. She knows the benefits of living by pampering principles and does not feel ashamed for it.

If you want to learn more about pampering principles, I highly recommend the book Sacred Pampering Principles: An African American Woman’s Guide to Self-Care and Inner Renewal by Debrena J. Gandy. It is one of the best books I have read in a long time as it outlines the work that women must do to live unapologetically pampered lifestyles.

9. Is not selfish and acts out of love

Being selfish is a toxic feminine trait that high value women do not practice. Instead, she acts out of love and knows that filling up her cup will allow her to fill up another’s.

10. Knows how to balance her masculine and feminine energy

Lastly, the habit of a high value woman that can set her apart from the rest is finding balance. Too much stillness in feminine energy is unhealthy. It leads to difficulties such as not being in control of your emotions and other toxic traits. Knowing when to switch into more masculine (yang) energy is a valuable skillset. Similarly, high value women are comfortable in facing their dark feminine, which grants them a unique sex appeal. 

Concluding Thoughts

Now that you know the habits of a high value women, you can begin to align yourself with these values and experience powerful results. You are a goddess who cultivates a full life and thrives despite any challenges.

Please let me know what you think of this post. Feel free to comment down below and share with your friends!

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  1. Thank you for sharing these habits. I love how you said that pampering is a lifestyle and I will check out the book you recommended.

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Habits of a High Value Woman

The Habits of a High Value Woman

What are the habits of a high value woman? Learn the truth about what it means to be a woman of high value and it’s not what you’ve been taught.


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