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The Bon Vivant archetype is governed by the Dramatic Lifestyle Type, which also governs the Starlet archetype. Her image embodies the high-fashion maximalist.

Donyale Luna as the Bon Vivant
Pictured: Donyale Luna

The Bon Vivant's Magnetic Power

You are provocative and relish in over-the-top luxury. Your style? More is more. People view you as a revolutionary who is not afraid to cause a little. Subsequently, you gravitate toward a disruptive wardrobe (in the best way) that breaks some of the traditional style rules. Although you are a bit of an exhibitionist, you possess a hint of mystery that keeps people guessing. You love to emphasize the drama in your beauty routine and experiment with many different looks. People are attracted to your devil-may-care attitude and outrageous beliefs that are so shocking that they might work.

Your ability to liberate is your winning quality. You leave a mark on the world and change it for the better by destroying what isn't working. When you're fully utilizing the power of this archetype, you attract the lifestyle of the provocateur.

The Bon Vivant archetype for women captivates by being an agent of change. The key is to find productive and dynamic methods to insight provocation and make a positive difference. You thrive in technology, music, art, and cosmetic industries because you get the opportunity to express yourself and make waves. These women require partners who value their independence.

Anjelica Huston as the Bon Vivant
Pictured: Anjelica Huston
Iman as the Bon Vivant
Pictured: Iman

The Shadow Side of the Bon Vivant

Liberation can serve you, but it can hurt you as well…

Being an agent of change is ideal because you can easily harness your power to bring justice and pave the way for those who come after you. Grace Jones is a disco queen, model, and actress known for her rebellious spirit and provocative image. From her revealing clothing, androgynous appearance, and careless persona, she made a unique name for herself by not conforming to what everyone else was doing.

Liberation can hurt you because you can quickly become too reckless and fueled by unbridled passion. If you haven't mastered the art of leveraging your Bon Vivant energy, you may find it challenging to reign in your unorthodox spirit, and chaos ensues.

Joan Crawford as the Bon Vivant
Pictured: Joan Crawford
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