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Classy Romantic Signature Style Archetype - Elizabeth Taylor

I’ve always admitted that I’m ruled by my passions.

Elizabeth Taylor

The Lifestyle Type of the Classy Romantic

The Classy Romantic archetype is ruled by the Feminine Lifestyle Type, which also rules the Vixen archetype.

The Image of the Classy Romantic

The Classy Romantic archetype embodies enthusiastic softness.

Classy Romantic Signature Style Archetype - Laura Harrier
Laura Harrier

The Classy Romantic’s Magnetic Power

You are a beautiful, living doll. Your style is endearing, delicate, and refreshing. People treat you like a princess, and you make it a point to romanticize your life. When you dress, you draw toward flouncy dresses, soft textures, frills, and delicate accessories. The way you move through life is captivating since you possess a girlish charm reminiscent of the prototypical ingenue. You love to romanticize your life and attract beautiful places, people, and things. Others become enchanted by the unapologetic manner in which you reside in your femininity.

You use your softness as a superpower and have an inviting aura. Ultimately, you are happiest at home and adore surrounding yourself with luxurious elements that indulge the senses. You are flowing, loving, and poetic. No one understands the strength in enlightened vulnerability better than you do. When you’re fully utilizing the power of this archetype, you attract a life of leisure.

The Classy Romantic archetype for women uses her girlish charm to beguile. She often makes a living by being in the personal service industry or as a housewife. These women often attract partners who love to take care of them.

The Shadow Side of the Classy Romantic

Softness is your superpower, but it can work against you…

Romanticizing your life is ideal because you perfectly understand that being in your feminine energy and being heart-centered helps you manifest what you desire. Zsa Zsa Gabor lived a notorious life of extravagance and romanticism. The Hungarian actress married nine times and is known for addressing those around her as ‘darling’ because she stated that it was easier than remembering everyone’s name. This term of endearment became her signature that she dawned in a bonny and playful manner.

The dark side of this archetype is too attached and people-pleasing. If you haven’t mastered the art of leveraging your Classy Romantic energy, you may find it challenging to use proper discernment.

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