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The Cosmopolitan archetype is governed by the Classic Lifestyle Type, which also governs the Minimalista archetype. Her image balances trends with elegance and is adored for being a renowned tastemaker.

Olivia Palermo as the Cosmopolitan
Pictured: Olivia Palermo

The Cosmopolitan's Magnetic Power

You are the epitome of modern-day “It Girl.” Your style is immaculate, bold, and high-quality. The confidence that you exude is undeniable, and you maintain courageous tenacity that makes you highly adaptable to the most intimidating situations. You're always up-to-date on the latest trends and combine them with your classic, understated pieces. People are captivated by your vivacity, which highlights your ability to be a trendsetter.

You are naturally ambitious and motivate those around you to do better. The only person you compete with is yourself, so you maintain a high standard for yourself and everyone around. When you're fully harnessing the potential of this archetype, you attract the lifestyle of the quintessential socialite.

TheCosmopolitan archetype possesses the power to influence and inspire. Frequently, they make a living from having a great eye. These women often attract supportive and successful partners.

Miroslava Duma as the Cosmopolitan
Pictured: Miroslava Duma
Halle Berry as the Cosmopolitan
Pictured: Halle Berry

The Shadow Side of the Cosmopolitan

Your influence is a blessing, but there is a shadow to this archetype.

Your influence works for you because you're always two steps ahead of the curve. Consider Lauren Bacall when she first stepped on the Hollywood scene, which was laced in glitz and glamour, bringing coolness with her tailored pantsuit, deep voice, and unique face––juxtaposed the jewels and dresses that were common at the time. She set the standard for class while being intelligent, interesting, worldly, and ahead of her time.

The shadow side for this archetype reveals that you can focus too much on your image and fail to remember quality. Suppose you haven't mastered the art of leveraging yourCosmopolitan energy. In that case, it can be difficult for you to find the balance of your ego, and you may be over-confident in your endeavors without putting in the necessary work.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen as the Cosmopolitan
Pictured: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
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