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Do you desire to access and understand dark feminine energy? To uncover your shadow feminine side, as a woman, is to unlock a powerful force that destroys what is no longer serving us so we can create a world that does. Explore techniques to access this shadow energy. 

The Meaning and History of Dark Feminine Energy

Dark Feminine Energy - Goddess Tara
Buddhist Goddess Tara, by LazingBee from Getty Images.

Dark feminine energy is the shadow side of femininity. In essence, it is the destructive nature of feminine energy. The story of the dark feminine dates back to ancient times, more popularly illustrated in the stories of Tara and Kali.

Both men and women need to embrace the divine feminine to restore balance into the world. The dark feminine rises because it is everything that we've made inferior and suppressed.

Ego, vulnerability, and darkness are not inherently evil. We attribute darkness to negativity, but the shadow of the feminine is anything but the sort.

The Story of Tara

In the story of Tara, the Buddhist goddess came into existence from a tear of Avalokiteshvara, which fell to the ground and formed a lake. She is the female Buddha, compassionate mother of liberation, and is generally shown seated on her lotus throne with her right leg hanging down, dawning a fierce expression. She represents the navigation of stormy waters when we experience self-doubt and resembles the blackness of the womb, which is where life begins.

The Story of Kali

Kali is the Hindu goddess of death and destruction, depicted as a black goddess. She embodies shakti, which is feminine energy and creativity. In her story, she was birthed by Durga, the Hindu warrior goddess, after demons overran the world. She destroyed the demons, and her blackness symbolizes eternal darkness, which can both destroy and create. This story highlights the way the dark feminine saves the world through the destruction of the world.

According to China Ballard, author of The Power of the Dark Feminine, this destruction represents our interior and exterior worlds. We have the power to destroy negative belief systems so that we can create anew. 

“We attribute darkness to negativity, but the shadow of the feminine is much like the Buddhist goddess Tara who resembles the blackness of the womb, which is where life begins.”

— Arryana Tate

The Importance of Dark Feminine Energy

The Importance of Dark Feminine Energy

As meaningful as feminine energy is, dark feminine energy is equally important. Both powers must work together because you cannot have creation without destruction. However, the shadow feminine only makes herself known when we can embrace failure, shame, guilt, and other emotions that we repress through societal conditioning. 

To yield to your true feminine nature means to let go to receive. When you finally surrender and ask for help, transformation takes place. These resources are often right in front of us, but we have to drop the veil to see beyond it. You can learn more about feminine, or yin, energy in A Luxe Girl's Guide to Channeling Feminine Energy

“As meaningful as feminine energy is, dark feminine energy is equally important. Both powers must work together because you cannot have creation without destruction.”

— Arryana Tate

10 Ways to Access Dark Feminine Energy

1. Shadow Work

10 Ways to Access Dark Feminine Energy - Shadow Work

Shadow work is working with our shadow self, doing away with negative belief systems, and uniting these separate parts together. Our shadow self is the “dark” and disowned parts of our personality. You can do shadow work by examining your thoughts, emotions, and assumptions. Also, it is helpful to engage in exercises, affirmations, and journal prompts to confront your shadow self.

2. Alchemy

10 Ways to Access Dark Feminine Energy - Alchemy

The original definition of alchemy is transforming base metals, such as lead, into more valuable metals, such as gold. In modern society, alchemy is a seven-step transformation process. In Paul Coehlo's book The Alchemisthe describes alchemy as the ability to manifest personal evolution. Practicing alchemy can help you undergo the process of accessing the full potential of your dark feminine energy.

3. Meditation

10 Ways to Access Dark Feminine Energy - Meditation

Meditation is a beautiful practice for developing a mind, body, and spirit connection, become in tune with your emotions and the shadowy parts of yourself. This practice takes self-discipline and patience, but you don't need to clear your mind while doing it. Instead, let the feelings and thoughts flow through you as you develop awareness and eventually stillness.

Our podcast, Luxe Girl Affirmations, guides you through each of the seven chakras to balance and refine your life. Luxe Girl Affirmations is available on all major streaming platforms, including the Luxe Girl app.

4. Journaling

10 Ways to Access Dark Feminine Energy - Intentional Journaling

Intentional journaling is one of my favorite ways to rationalize my emotions and allow them to come into my conscious awareness. I create journal prompts and reflections from questions that arise during my daily meditations. By placing it in writing, I make a space for myself to move on and forgive.

5. Chakra-Balancing Exercises

10 Ways to Access Dark Feminine Energy - Chakra-Balancing Exercises

Chakras are energy centers for our body and play an important role in spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental healing. Overactive and imbalanced chakras can keep you from accessing your dark feminine side. Each chakra is responsible for different aspects of our life force, so keeping them stable promotes becoming in tune with your power.

6. Open Your Heart

10 Ways to Access Dark Feminine Energy - Open Your Heart

Opening your heart is a courageous act. Forgiveness and vulnerability are difficult for many to understand, especially if a person has done you wrong and this resentment continues to build in your shadow. Opening your heart is less about the other person and more about your peace and potential. To access dark feminine energy is to understand that you must learn to let go.

7. Practice Self-Love

10 Ways to Access Dark Feminine Energy - Practice Self-Love

True self-love is unconditional and requires significant self-acceptance. This ideal is a mindset and an integral part of any form of energy work, especially concerning dark feminine power. We are our own worst enemy and can get in our own way in developing a healthy ego. Accepting yourself in full, regardless of your past, your flaws, or the negative emotions you possess, is a liberating act. Genuine self-love allows us to free ourselves from the unconscious constraints that we put in place and leads us to a more magnetic existence.

8. Embrace Change 

10 Ways to Access Dark Feminine Energy - Embrace Change

Change is not an easy feat because it leads us to the admission that something isn't right. Sometimes, we hold onto things for pure comfort and because it feels safe. Feeling safe in familiar places that don't serve our highest self is not ideal. Make the necessary changes in your life and welcome the process. 

9. Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence

10 Ways to Access Dark Feminine Energy - Emotional Intelligence

Enhancing your emotional intelligence will help you access dark feminine energy by learning better ways to communicate, listen, and handle conflict. Continual access to your shadow feminine self requires maintenance because no one is perfect. Creating a system and ideal communication style for approaching your life is a great place to start.

10. Heal Female Relationships

10 Ways to Access Dark Feminine Energy - Heal Female Relationships

It is no surprise that the unhealed female relationships in our lives can directly affect our ability to channel our feminine energy as a whole. Connection and bonds between the women in our community have been an essential component of various cultures in society for thousands of years. Analyze your relationships with the women in your family, social circle, or professional life—past and present. How do you approach these relationships? Some of us are still working through generational trauma, so grant yourself grace and seek guidance in the right direction.

“To access dark feminine energy is to understand that you must learn to let go.”


Concluding Thoughts

Accessing your dark feminine energy is necessary to channel your femininity. By accessing this power, you hone the ability to unpack and accept the repressed emotions that are difficult to approach. However, whether you choose to ignore your shadow or embrace it, you will eventually have to face it. 

Learning ways to acquire and utilize the power that your shadow feminine self provides is a transformative process. Undoubtedly, you'll begin to restore harmony to your interior and exterior reality with daily practice. Don't run from it or hide—embrace the journey wholeheartedly so you can destroy what no longer serves you.

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