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The Ingenue archetype is governed by the Romantic Lifestyle Type, which also governs the Vamp archetype. Her image represents an enthusiastic softness with an innocent quintessence.

Lupita Nyong'o as the Ingenue
Pictured: Lupita Nyong'o

The Ingenue's Magnetic Power

You are endearing, delicate, and refreshing. Your energy exudes an open, impish quality with a strong yin overcurrent and a yang undercurrent. When you dress, you draw toward flouncy dresses, soft textures, frills, and delicate accessories. You move through life with a girlish charm, reminiscent of the prototypical ingenue. People lower their guards when they're around you, much like the Natural seducer archetype (not to be confused with the Natural Lifestyle Type). You embody a blissful world full of hope and an escape to a carefree time that is uncomplicated by worries.

You may appear to be of average to tall height, although your body type ranges from Vata and Pitta doshas. Your body shape can vary from a lean column to an inverted triangle. Your physical features are soft yet accentuated by a striking undertone. Prioritizing more delicate lines with a dramatic edge is ideal.

Ultimately, you are happiest at home or in circumstances where you're able to be vulnerable in healthy ways. When you're fully utilizing the power of this archetype, you attract a life filled with passion.

Anne Hathaway as the Ingenue
Pictured: Anne Hathaway
Laura Harrier as the Ingenue
Pictured: Laura Harrier

The Shadow Side of the Ingenue

Reception is your superpower, but it can work against you…

Joan Leslie was one of the most adored actresses in Hollywood. She had a bright smile, dazzling eyes, and appeared to have an unassuming personality that she translated flawlessly into her roles on screen; as seen through films such as The Sky's the Limit and Hollywood Canteen, where her character exuded purity which is what resonated with audiences so much back then.

The dark side of this archetype is defensiveness, unsophistication, and people-pleasing. If you haven't mastered the art of leveraging your Ingenue energy, you may find it challenging to let go and harbor porous personal boundaries.

Kaia Gerber as the Ingenue
Pictured: Kaia Gerber
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