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The Minimalista archetype is governed by the Classic Lifestyle Type, which also governs the Cosmopolitan archetype. Her image embodies a timeless, elevated refinement.

Meghan Markle as the Minimalista
Pictured: Meghan Markle

The Minimalista's Magnetic Power

You craft simplicity with an impactful flair. Your style focuses on intention and functionality, and you live by the phrase, less is more. You stick to chic, reliable essentials because you believe there are more important matters in your life to tend to, making you an extraordinary woman in various areas. You couldn't care less about trends and prefer versatile staple pieces. Your concerns lie with timeless beauty, giving you an evergreen style. People gravitate toward your classic glow, eloquent speech, and ability to make the most out of any circumstance.

You're always drawn toward endeavors that are bigger than yourself. You are passionate yet reserved and have a lasting effect on those who encounter you. Your appeal is universal! There is rarely a situation that you don't approach with grace. When you're fully utilizing the power of this archetype, you attract a lifestyle of sustainability.

The Minimalista archetype for women exudes the power of dazzling transmutation. She can effortlessly turn any situation to her advantage and often makes a living by being a spokesperson, an event planner, or an executive. These women often attract partners that are the perfect complement and embrace who they are.

Amal Clooney as the Minimalista
Pictured: Amal Clooney

The Shadow Side of the Minimalista

A simplistic charm is lovely, but it can work against you…

It works for you because you don't need much to be fabulous. Your essence is your glamour, and you arm yourself with it well. Audrey Hepburn is known for making even the most casual of ensembles look sophisticated and still managed to be alluring and beautiful all the same. Additionally, she is most revered for her work as a humanitarian outside of her film career and impacted society beyond her sense of style.

This simplicity can work against you because it can keep you in a box if you're not careful and keep you from utilizing your gifts or trying new things. If you haven't mastered the art of leveraging your Minimalista energy, you may tend to blend in with the crowd and fail to highlight what makes you unique. It's more difficult for you than most to elevate your simplicity beyond forgettable and may keep you out of consideration for life-changing opportunities.

Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy as the Minimalista
Pictured: Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy
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