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Model Off-Duty Signature Style Archetype - Maria Borges

At the end of the day, we each have a different definition for beauty, but being yourself is the most important.

Maria Borges

Model Off-Duty Signature Style Archetype - Diana Princess of Wales
Diana, Princess of Wales

The Lifestyle Type of the Model Off-Duty

The Model Off-Duty archetype is ruled by the Natural Lifestyle Type, which also rules the Americana archetype.

The Image of the Model Off-Duty

The Model Off-Duty archetype embodies the street style maven.

Model Off-Duty Signature Style Archetype - Winnie Harlow
Winnie Harlow

The Model Off-Duty’s Magnetic Power

You have a vibrant attitude and live on your own terms. Your style is edgy, contemporary, and sporty. People view you as someone who’s always on the go with somewhere interesting to be. When you dress, you gravitate toward high-low styles, boyfriend sizes, and athletic fits. Your preference lies in fashionable sneakers over heels because prim and proper is not your energy. When it comes to a beauty routine, you generally do whatever you’re in the mood for but rarely make a huge deal about it because you find yourself content either way. People are attracted to how self-assured you are.

Your originality is your best asset, and you have an it-factor that many cannot duplicate. Ultimately, you’re happiest when you get to express yourself and have something to look forward to. Conformity is not your forte. However, when you’re fully utilizing the power of this archetype, you attract an adventurous lifestyle.

The Model Off-Duty archetype for women uses her individualism to enthrall. She often makes a living through artistic expression, design, or even social work. These women often attract partners who soften their edge.

The Shadow Side of the Model Off-Duty

Individualism is your asset, but it can work against you…

Individuality is your ideal because you perfectly understand that you are your only competition and commit to staying true to your beliefs. Diana, Princess of Wales, was unconventional in all areas of her life––from living as a royal to her approach to charity work, her iconic sense of fashion and off-duty wardrobe, she was always the topic of conversation and coined as “the people’s princess.” However, Princess Diana’s legacy extended far beyond style. She craved autonomy and wanted to live life on her terms.

The shadow side of this archetype is avoiding vulnerability and pushing people away. You may even develop resentment for other women who don’t share your beliefs. If you haven’t mastered the art of leveraging your Model Off-Duty energy, you may find it challenging to develop healthy boundaries.

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