How to Find Your Signature Style: A Guide to the 12 Signature Style Archetypes

What if you could command the energy of a room through a strong visual presence? What if you were effortlessly able to make lasting impressions and possess a distinct, refined style?

There is a reason why the way we dress speaks a lot about us. How we move through the world is a reflection of our personality, goals, and overall image. Imagine the amount of confidence that you would have with a functional wardrobe uniquely tailored to your personality and lifestyle. It would be a blueprint for showing up as your best self, appearance-wise. It would be the stimulus for curating the “you” that you’ve always wanted to be.

If a person diligently exemplifies a style archetype, they are capable of triggering influence and positive attention, attracting high-value prospects, and maximizing this powerful energy into other meaningful aspects of their lifestyle.

Based on innovative research in fashion psychology and the definitive styles of the most iconic and stylish women of our modern time — How to Find Your Signature Style: A Guide to the 12 Signature Style Archetypes will teach you how to define and confidently implement your style through 12 unique archetypes. Learn how to use manifestation and glamour techniques to harness the power that is already inside of you entirely.

Included in this copy are helpful infographics, capsule wardrobes, and a signature style formula that will help you succeed from here and beyond.

This guide serves as a tool to help you fine-tune your wardrobe goals and attract the best opportunities in alignment with your lifestyle. View your style through a fresh lens and a defined moniker.

Are you ready to become the Ultimate Luxe Girl?


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5 reviews for How to Find Your Signature Style: A Guide to the 12 Signature Style Archetypes

  1. @Sarahnaomiee

    The ebook was incredibly helpful. I read it through once- than a second time to take notes. The amount of information for the price is insane.

  2. Azaria

    This book literally shifted my perspective of the type of person I wanted to be. I know my style wasn’t causal but I had no idea what to search for or what my style was supposed to communicate. What I absolutely loved about this book is that it spoke directly to me. I saw my goals written out in the book under my signature style- I felt connected to the archetype which was explained so wonderfully well! I got SO many notes and I consistently go back and review, to make sure I’ve gotten it all down. I’m not even going to lie, this book helped my beyond just the physical – it helped me find my identity. I can’t wait for you to make a course on this! I’ll be the first one there

  3. Jasmine

    Beautiful layout and very helpful advice. Goes beyond style tips but touches on manifestation, style archetypes, lifestyle traits, etc. Would love if the book included links / websites of the clothes mentioned so we could shop the look!

  4. Kelly

    I had gotten kind of lazy about my appearance and my style was all over the place but your book really helped reinvigorate my love for a stylish wardrobe and helped me key in on who is my style icon.

  5. @Zari_notsorry

    Arryana did a wonderful job composing and constructing a book that was an easy read as well as informative! Can’t wait to apply the tips I learned to gear my aesthetic to reflect my signature style.

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