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Quaintrelle Signature Style Archetype - Katharine Hepburn

“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.”

Katharine Hepburn

The Lifestyle Type of the Quaintrelle

The Quaintrelle archetype is ruled by the Creative Lifestyle Type, which also rules the Fancy Bohemian archetype.

The Image of the Quaintrelle

The Quaintrelle archetype embodies female dandyism.

Quaintrelle Signature Style Archetype - Zendaya

The Quaintrelle’s Magnetic Power

You perfectly balance the masculine and the feminine. You live in the moment and fancy your life to the fullest. People adore you for your infectious happiness, wit, and ability to let go and have fun. When you dress, you tend to incorporate menswear and brilliantly marry your femininity and masculinity. When dressing up, you’ll reach for a pantsuit over a dress and look incredibly polished when you do. However, when it’s time to switch it up, you make an impactful impression nonetheless. Others are greatly attracted to your innovative nature.

Your innovation is your best asset, and you are unafraid to speak your mind. You wield masculine energy without compromising your femininity and couldn’t care less about being socially acceptable. Similarly, harnessing a coquettish demeanor and being ambiguous in your style is ideal. When you’re fully utilizing the power of this archetype, you live an avant-garde lifestyle.

The Quaintrelle archetype for women harnesses her ambiguity to attract what she desires. She often makes a living by breaking boundaries, entertaining, or making life easier for others. These women often attract partners with a great sense of humor and don’t take life too seriously.

The Shadow Side of the Quaintrelle

Ambiguity can serve you, but there is a shadow to this archetype.

Possessing an ambiguous nature is excellent for breaking the status quo, using your voice, and wielding your charm. Many fondly remember the glamorous classic Hollywood actress Marlene Dietrich for her glowing sex appeal, smoky yet distinguishing voice, and unusual personal style for the period. Whether she dawned a slinky dress, cloche, or top hat–she wore it with confidence and ease.

The shadow side of this archetype is that you may waste your time with frivolous pursuits or become too irreverent. In addition, if you haven’t mastered the art of leveraging this archetypal energy, you may find it challenging to approach a state of affairs with an earnest mind.

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