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Discover the Signature Style Archetypes by Luxe Girl Diaries

What is a Signature Style Archetype®?

A Signature Style Archetype® is the energy we embody in not only your physical image, but your lifestyle, personality, and mindset as well. Archetypes are universal symbols that we attribute to behaviors and are found in stories and texts dating back to ancient times.

When you discover your Signature Style Archetype®, you uncover the way you channel your magnetism and the frequency that is ideal for your personal transformation journey. With this information, you can unlock the ability to tailor your image to align with the lifestyle you deserve.

As women, we are not one-size-fits-all. We do not have to be one way to prosper and attract abundance. I believe that putting women in a box is maintaining a scarcity mentality. To wield your magic, you must find what makes you unique and use it to your advantage.

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Classic Lifestyle

Confident and Timeless

The Classic Lifestyle Type consists of the elevated essentialist, also known as the Minimalista, and the sophisticated Cosmopolitan Signature Style Archetype®.

The Minimalista Signature Style Archetype
The Cosmopolitan Signature Style Archetype

Aristocratic Lifestyle

Regal and Intelligent

The Aristocratic Lifestyle Type personifies the old money savoir faire of the Modest Muse and the beautiful savvy of the Traditional Prep Signature Style Archetype®.

The Posh Signature Style Archetype
The Prep Signature Style Archetype

Feminine Lifestyle

Irresistible and Soft

With the Feminine Lifestyle Type, explore a glimpse of the seductive Vixen and the soft innocence of the Classy Romantic Signature Style Archetype®.

The Vamp Signature Style Archetype
The Ingenue Signature Style Archetype

The Importance of Signature Style

Why is having a signature style important? Here's a few reasons why it's critical to distinguish yourself on your personal transformation journey.

Channel Your Magnetism

Understand the best way to exude your confidence, charm, and attract what you desire.

Operate at Your Best

Learn how to operate on the unique frequency and vibration that ultimately serves you.

Style Your Life

Tailor a lifestyle for abundance and prosperity on your terms.

Natural Lifestyle

Casual and Relaxed

The Natural Lifestyle Type expresses the notes of the adventurous Model Off-Duty and the girl-next-door demeanor of the Americana Signature Style Archetype®.

The Minx Signature Style Archetype
The Americana Signature Style Archetype

Creative Lifestyle

Coquettish and Dreamy

Capture the essence of the Creative Lifestyle Type with the ambiguous Quaintrelle and the ethereal Fancy Bohemian Signature Style Archetype®.

The Quaintrelle Signature Style Archetype
The Bohemian Signature Style Archetype

Dramatic Lifestyle

Rebellious and Luxurious

Go an a journey with the Dramatic Lifestyle Type, which incorporates a glimpse of the devil-may-care Bon Vivant and the larger than life Starlet Signature Style Archetype®.

The Bon Vivant Signature Style Archetype
The Starlet Signature Style Archetype
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