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The Prep archetype is governed by the Aristocratic Lifestyle Type, which also governs the Posh archetype. Her image embodies old money, casual savoir-faire.

Ella Balinska as the Prep
Pictured: Ella Balinska

The Prep's Magnetic Power

You effortlessly marry beauty with intelligence. Your style is affluent yet approachable, and you value sensibility in your way of dress because you don't need to try hard to impress. Your presence alone speaks volumes. You stick to traditional and casual elegance, investing in good quality items tailored to your body that are comfortable, sporty, and practical. Moving freely without being restricted in your attire is important to you since you tend to stay active in horseback riding, gardening, or other outdoor activities. Your concerns lie with what is tried and true because you know what you like and don't stray far from it. As a result, people gravitate toward your trustworthiness, straight-forward attitude, and natural poise.

You have a high standard of living and draw toward adventure and intellectual pursuits. You are responsible, efficient, and highly educated, or at least self-taught in an area you're passionate about. You tend to approach situations with a rational mind and prefer logic over heavy emotions. Additionally, you're a wealth of wisdom and a natural teacher. When you're fully utilizing the power of this archetype, you educate others and freely embrace change.

The Prep archetype for women is a seeker of knowledge and shares her knowledge with others. In turn, she attracts abundance. As a result, she often makes a living by being in education, entrepreneurship, or non-profit. In addition, these women often attract partners who can stimulate their minds.

Indré Rockefeller as the Prep
Pictured: Indré Rockefeller
Taylor Swift as the Prep
Pictured: Taylor Swift

The Shadow Side of the Prep

Sharing your knowledge and unique insight will reap the most benefits, but there are challenges.

It works for you because you know how to position yourself in the right places to achieve your goals. Diana, Princess of Wales, lived as a royal but had a relatable nature which earned her the nickname, “The People's Princess.” She wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty and made a huge impact on her humanitarian work.

The shadow side of this archetype is unbearable loneliness and feeling as though you don't belong. If you haven't mastered the art of leveraging your Prep energy, you may have a hard time letting go, fitting in, or opening up. As a result, it's more difficult for you than most to get out of your comfort zone or routine and enjoy the pleasures in your life the way you enjoy learning new things.

Paula Sutton as the Prep
Pictured: Paula Sutton
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